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Intention Support Group 🤝

The unique system for people committed to leading fulfilling lives and making the world a better place in the process. Feel the powerful support of weekly accountability meetings, community workshops and events designed to amplify your intention and help you stick to your plan with consistency. We’re entrepreneurs, high performers and people hungry for making massive, positive change.

Escape Velocity Coaching 🚀

Buckle up for the 3 month program for millennials who hate their jobs and are ready to take action. Get in touch with your passions, create an escape plan and optimize yourself to make change happen ASAP. Get two coaches obsessed with helping you get free and see how much better life can feel.

High Performance Software 📈

Get the exclusive habit, goal and performance tracking system that pinpoints joy and productivity indicators for elevated performance. Ideal for corporate leaders, coaches and high performers. Harness the power of data and separate your program from the pack with our exclusive white label offering.


Free Community Workshop.

Enjoy monthly events with amazing community members - these are opportunities learn new skills and get help when you're stuck. See our full calendar of events here. First workshop is free for non-members!

Andrew Fredette


Life is too short to stick to be boring, so let's create an exciting plan that let's you live the nomad lifestyle. Bring your questions, plans & ideas for how to realize the nomadic life and we'll create your plan!

Danya Joy


Success without health is meaningless. Questions about fasting? Keto? Heavy metal detoxing? Hormones? Danya has the answers! Danya is a RN, functional medicine practitioner and health coach. She currently helps clients reverse Hashimoto's Disease, create personalized diet plans, and much more.

Kyle's Picture


Kyle holds an EMBA from UCLA, has grown his business to over $250k annual revenue and has over a decade of experience in entrepreneurship. Develop your business strategy, no matter what level you're at.


High Performance Software


For Growth Seekers

Stay organized, accountable & gain profound insights into your behavior patterns

  • Understand which of your behaviors are the best predictors of joy and productivity
  • Set and maintain focus on your ambitious quarterly goals
  • Set goals each week that feed into your quarter milestones
  • Improve every week with our weekly review system
  • Receive personalized coaching recommendations for improvement

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For leaders

Take your coaching program, mastermind or organization to the next level

  • Help your people set personal & professional goals with greater accountability
  • Track the growth of your clients/employees
  • Gain insights that allow you to lead powerfully
  • Customizable performance tracking to fit the needs of your organization or program
  • Stand out by offering your clients/employees a unique experience
For Leaders

Improve with Data

Pen & paper planners can’t analyze your behavior

  • Evolve faster by understanding your patterns
  • Learn where your biggest opportunities for growth are
  • Receive personalized coaching from using the BT Digital Planner

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Side Hustler's Operating System



"In the age of distraction, intention is a superpower"

  • A complete productivity system that’s easy to implement.
  • How to build accountability into your workflows.
  • A scheduling template that recovers 15-hour/week for your side hustle.
  • MBA-level training on how to prioritize business tasks.
  • Strategies for hacking flow to optimize work sessions.

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Side Hustler's Operating System Cover


“I’ve never felt so much clarity, consistency, and direction both creatively and professionally. Joining the Mastermind has made life go by slower because I use time more efficiently. With a weekly board of advisers to guide my entrepreneurial endeavors, I’m seeing a wealth of growth & learning and even entrepreneurial success with my progress. This isn’t just an investment, it’s a road map to fulfillment.”

- Quin

"I've been a part of Better Together for years now, and the experience has been undeniably integral. The group pushed me to find the courage I needed to start a podcast (I now have over 40 episodes), and to believe in myself even after feeling like I had hit rock bottom in my relationships and self-confidence. BT is not only a mastermind group for me, but part of my identity. I'm SO grateful for BT, I never expected to receive this much support for my dreams and self-improvement."

- Natalie

"Better together has been such a wonderful addition to my life - not only does it help me focus on my goals and time, but it also provides me with a support network unlike anything else I know of to help me with whatever issue I’m facing. Andrew has several phenomenal exercises for helping you dig deep into your inner self, and identifying the steps for achieving your biggest goals… and the accountability aspect of it is the best part of all! 10/10 highly recommended!"

- Jack

"After hitting a significant burnout — physically, mentally and worse then I thought possible — the weekly support and accountability I experienced through better together was the cornerstone in my recovery. Developing and doing small daily practices that the group helped me stick to greatly accelerated the healing process. I’m happy to report that It’s no longer about regaining; now it’s maintaining and strengthening my body and soul."

- Kathleen

Ready to find out what you would say?

- YOU!

"Better Together came to my rescue after many failed attempts to align my life path with what I cared about deeply. I could not escape a hollow feeling that I was not being true to my core. With a newfound community, mind-blowing workshops and exercises, and encouragement, I took a plunge into a world of fulfillment and joy. Better Together is my Rosetta Stone for translating thoughts, emotions, desires, passion and ambition - into concrete actions that bring ultimate fulfillment."

- Kyle

"The solid support and encouragement I have received through Better Together’s Mastermind has given me the tools that I needed to hold myself accountable to my goals and follow my dreams. Without the guidance of the outstanding humans I met in this program I doubt I would have had the confidence or focus to make the big changes needed in my life. Because of Better Together I am now on the path of becoming a fully self-employed entrepreneur and I couldn't be happier."

- Sean

"Andrew is very knowledgeable and knows how to run an amazing mastermind, giving value to everyone's potential. Better Together has been a blessing for keeping myself accountable and connecting to great people worldwide."

- Kristina

"Better Together is where you finally find YOUR people. The ones who push you to grow, make hard decisions and finally accomplish your dreams. Better Together transforms people’s lives - including mine."

- Danya

"Better Together helped me step into the role of entrepreneur as a practical dreamer. Without it, I would probably still be in my 9 to 5. It showed me the power of community, trust and connection."

- Jonathan

"Joining Better Together didn’t change my life, it helped me change my own! After floundering to find my path after college, I needed a place where I could be held accountable with compassion. Meeting with my virtual group on a weekly basis and utilizing the recommended tools, resources and exercises has been transformative. The #1 lesson I’ve learned is that you can’t get through this life doing it alone. If you are ready to level up, I highly recommend joining!"

- Elise

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